Hello world!

Ai Brethren, This is the first blog regarding our settlement & the discovering of us.  You probably are unsure of the meaning of “Ai”?  It is an ancient Quenya word for “Greetings” or “Hello”, although hi & hello probably didn’t exist then however Greetings did.  Also, the way of the culture then did not recognize “goodbye” or even “farewell” as it’s understood that the connection we all have is eternal thus there was no word for it.                                                                      “Brethren” is a general word or phrase for all of our kindred following along this Path & thus is not only a word that signifies our bond or connection but also can be considered a term of endearment as it is said with feeling & emotion from deep within.  When addressing a single person, the phrase is shortened to “Brer”.                                                                                                                          As time goes on, more words of the ancient language is introduced & the old language will continue along with the customs, & traditions which in turn can bring about a heightened awareness.