Welcome.  In the traditions of our Elders, let me personally greet you to this site.  Here, we’re geared to spreading word to all corners of the globe in letting everyone know of us & our calling.  Here, blog/vlogs are routinely uploaded to share ideas being entertained & taken towards the big goal which is the founding of an autonomous Viking based settlement in North America.  This hasn’t been done in more than 1,000 years.  If you’re reading this then perhaps you too have received the calling as we have & wish to take action.  Congratulations to you in taking the first steps.  The first part of the steps is deeply Spiritual.  This follows you for Life.  Every step after that is based is the  aquiring of knowledge, followed by the application of it, & the bonding with fellow Brethren or Kindred.  I’m the head Chieftain & Jarl of the colony settlement & I am pleased to one day meet you through proper introductions with our people.  It will be a pleasure to have you with us.

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For every man, & woman, after your initial 6 months living with us, a ceremony is followed where your blue coat/caftan is issued to you.  This ceremony is largely to coincide with one of the Sabbats in accordance with the Wheel of the Year.  This enables a more festive celebration of Prayer, Feasting, Music, & eager Celebration.  The entire village helps with the construction & raising of houses, huts, cottages, etc. for everyone else.  Yours will be built by the full efforts of our people as will eventually the Mead Hall, Permaculture, Waterways, & more.


Here, every talent is required & encouraged to be pursued in application.  Sewing for clothing, carpentry for construction, blacksmithing & metalurgy for tools, accessories, money, & more, candle making, soap making, animal husbandry, hunting, gardening/farming, script, apothecary, etc.


At this time, the address & email below is provided for contacting us.  We strive to make it as simple as possible.  To physically find us, one must contact first & physically seek.

Until a more official email address is created, you may reach us at: Christopherdowell80@yahoo.com